“Beautiful divine being, Thank you for your presence in my life, I am deeply honored and touched by your kindness and support that you express in this life. With humble gratitude, Csabi xx”

“Extraordinary acupuncturist!!”

“Lilian Abboud is the most extraordinary acupuncturist I’ve ever worked with. Her keen psychic sight and vast multidimensional consciousness allow her to serve as a wide-open channel for exalted divine beings and exquisite subtle energies. It’s not uncommon for me to open to a blissful new level of celestial consciousness as her pantheon of divine helpers flow magic energy through

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“Highly recommended healer!”

“Lillian is an acupuncturist, and healer, I recommend
completely and enthusiastically. As an exhibiting artist for over 25
years, and a spiritual teacher for over ten, I have met and frequented
many healers. There are none I would recommend more highly than
Lillian. She brings a high level intelligence, and more than this, a

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Excited for each session!

Lilian Abboud is one of the most connected beings I’ve had the pleasure to meet. She works on multi-dimensional levels that take me soaring way beyond a traditional Acupuncture treatment. My body responds so well to her gentle, loving touch, and the encouragement she offers. I find my self becoming excited inside before each session, because my body, my mind,

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