Words can’t convey!

“Through the years I have been blessed to experience a number of very skilled
Chinese medicine doctors, of Chinese descent and trained in China. I have also experienced a significant number of very powerful energy healers who used various methods. I have also had many profound experiences with practitioners who assistance was spiritually focused, with many shifts in consciousness

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Releasing of old habits

I tried acupuncture once and decided it was not for me.
Then I met Lilian. When I learned that this loving woman practiced acupuncture, I decided to give it another try.  In summary, acupuncture with Lilian opened far more than I expected: not only was bodily tension removed, my mind released old habits that are no longer in my

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“Amazing healing treatments”

“I’m grateful for the amazing healing treatments I have received from Lilian. Her energy work, through needles and her gifted hands, has been palpable and effective. She’s blended her keen intuitive skills with a strong foundation of knowledge, to identify just what I’ve needed with each session and to meet my overall needs and goals. Lilian is grounded and wise,

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Immediate results!

“Lilian is a gifted, adept and intuitive practitioner. After only two sessions with her I had experienced more results than I had after a year of monthly acupuncture treatments with another expert practitioner. Immediate energetic flow manifested dramatic shifts in my physical, emotional, and energetic body. These have continued to manifest over months since my treatment.”  –J. Chaves, R.I.